Ken Gorman was one of the moderators on YaHooka till the time of his death.    He went by screenname – Governor.  This name he acquire when running for Governor for the State of Colorado.   His number one purpose was to educate the citizens of YaHooka which he painstaking did day after day.  His last activity on YaHooka was about 1.5 hours before his death.   Here are some of the more memorable posts from YaHooka posted by Ken Gorman  aka Governor.


Medical Reminder    04-22-2005, 12:08 PM
Laws should be created to benefit society. Unfortunately, politics, greed, power, fear and ignorance can result in bad laws that actually do harm. Such is the case with marijuana prohibition. These laws have a dramatic impact both socially and economically in Colorado and the country as a whole. The Colorado ballot initiative for medical marijuana provided some relief, for some people, however it is grossly inadequate. When considering marijuana prohibition, the drug’s medical properties should be most important. The oft heard comment that medical marijuana as simply a ploy for legalizing the drug, and that it does not have real medical value could not be further from the truth.


The nervous, immune, digestive, excretory, reproductive, cardiovascular and endocrine system of every person on this planet is regulated by the marijuana-like compounds that our bodies produce. These endocannabinoids have been woven into the very fabric of our lives for 600 million years, since they first evolved. Every time a person gets hungry, the endocannabinoids are involved in causing the “munchies”. When we feel pain, the endocannabinoids help relieve our suffering. They help to balance our immune system in a manner that hinders the development of autoimmune diseases, and yes, they even kill some types of cancer cells. These are scientific facts, not the verbiage of “some stoner just wanting to get high”.


Until our doctors, citizens and our legislators become educated in what the scientific literature, and this plant have to offer, people will be denied the effective, and inexpensive relief that marijuana can provide for a number of disease states. Most importantly for those who are suffering, marijuana can have an important affect on modulating autoimmune, cardiovascular, and neurological disorders as well as cancer and the aging process itself.

A Day In My Life            02-25-2005, 12:44 AM

9:15 (I get up with the first call) Patient#1, ” Did the medicine come in yet?”

9:45 Patient#2, ” I wanna trade this California Orange for a pure Indica.”

9:50 Patient#3, “We need some clones in Grand Junction; we’ll trade strains.”

Watch some TV. Soak a couple pipes. Eat a bagel w/Honey Nut Cream Cheese.

10:05 Patient#4 “Any medicine?”

10:06 Patient#5 “Any medicine?”

10:20 Caregiver#1 “Need medicine? XXX Skunk or Medicine Man?” (both)

Call some Jims. Email. Yahooka. Overgrow.

11:30 Caregiver drops off medicine.

12:00 – 1:00 Return calls from around the state telling them how to get legal.

11:45 – 2:00 Patients arrive, gobble snacks and drinks, get medicated, while watching music videos or cartoons.

2:15 – 4:30 Drive around Denver delivering to patients that are immobile. Calls every 10 minutes about medicine, law, equipment, nutrients, ‘you gotta come over’, ‘some one’s going to court’, etc.

4:30 – 7:15 Print clones, equipment, patient, etc, order forms.

My Birthday Party     06-16-2006, 01:20 PM

I’ll be 60 (holy fuck!) this coming July and there’s going to be a pretty large party for me at City Park, just south of the museum. I’m sure there won’t be more than 2 or 3 thousand people but it’s still being treated as a small event where everyone brings a dish or some pot. The tents will be very visible so come on over about 2pm or later.

All my YaHooka friends are invited.

Quotes of Ken Gorman aka Governor from the YaHooka Message Board
“The only evil associated with marijuana are the people that keep it illegal.”

“Shiva is the destroyer. Shiva brought marijuana to earth to destroy our ignorance (or so it has been explained to me from a Hindu hash eater) . ”

“I called the news station and asked for a rebuttal. The bottom line is that patients go without medicine because there isn’t enough.”

“I was raised Catholic but recovered. Now, I practice my god powers. Sweet! ”

“Don’t confuse Republicans with an actual political party. Even the ‘true Republicans’ agree that the party has been taken over by fascist religion which tolerates no flexibility in their control over the party they have chosen to destroy.””Fuck any religion that tries to dictate from the pulpit. The Muslims are not nearly as dangerous to this country as our own xians.”

“‘A little lizard told me he was a Brontosaurus on his mothers side many generations removed. I didn’t laugh. People that use ancestry for their sense of importance need as much pity as they can muster.'”

“Nixon sent a commission out to study pot. They came back and told him it should be legalized or at least decriminalized. That’s when he really started making war on pot.   Nixon was a war pig that hated freedoms and especially young people with freedoms.””I have way too many patients to have to deliver. They come to me. ”

“There are as many truths as there are minds to explore them. ”

“40 years and still smoking (and I got a late start at 20).”

“To tell the truth…” means you usually lie but this one time you’ll tell me the truth.”

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes” is actually a more definitive view. It names the politicians that were influenced by the corporate raid on our Constitution. It gives the wording of the most adamant, racist enemies of marijuana and their reasoning in protecting the deadliest industries on the planet.”

“You’re not lazy because of pot. You use pot as an excuse to be lazy.”

“Your perspective will determine your belief in good and evil, bad and good.  There is nothing you haven’t drawn to yourself. Your lessons can be rejected or accepted but the more you reject, the harder the lesson.   There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek those problems to receive those gifts.”

“I never worried about what I would be. Life came at me and it’s still extremely entertaining.  Feed your head.”

“Smoking is ok but there are lotions and tinctures with heavy doses of THC. Eating it is also very effective for those that can’t smoke. ”

I’m a hardcore pot smoker and have had to quit numerous times in my life. I NEVER had withdrawls…never! Wishing I had a joint, in situations of stress, is not related to addiction.

“…but we turned in 126,000 signatures to get marijuana legalized in Colorado.  November we vote!”

Speaking on the Rainbow Gathering

“I was asked to give a speech at the opening of the 94′ or 95’ opening of their festival in Boulder, Co. Ram Das was talking at the time I arrived so I got to talking with many of the participants. The first thing they always asked was ‘Can you make an offering?’ which ALWAYS meant CASH. I was hit up at least 100 times.
I learned that very, very few have any means of supporting themselves and none of them will participate in changing their society.Ram Das was still spouting ‘love and peace’ after my waiting over an hour but I had learned enough in that time to realize there was no reason for me to be there. I was there to enlist civil disobedience and they were there because there was no where else to go.Rainbow people aren’t worth the breath they expel.”

“After doing the research, I can claim, with no doubt, that anyone against legalization and normalization of marijuana is an evil hick of a dead whores ass and denies the very laws of nature.”

“You only have one moment at a time and the remembering should be left for after you’re dead.
Don’t be boring and the remembering will be worthwhile.”

“When people compare liberal to conservative they very seldom take into consideration common sense. Conservatives are usually religion driven (or try to give that impression) which makes no sense at all.  People that use common sense in politics are usually condemned as radical liberal because of their “godless” decision making.  The studies are skewed.”

Ken’s Response to the question: “If you were to die tomorrow?”  answer: I had a great time!”  Posted on:  06-30-2006, 03:34 PM

When talking about Montel Williams being for medical marijuana :  “and before he had the full effects of his disease he screamed and ranted about what a dangerous drug marijuana was. He even stuck a whole pack of cigarettes in his mouth and yelled (after he took them out) ‘THIS IS WHAT JUST ONE JOINT WILL DO TO YOU. YOU’RE GOING TO DIE FROM CANCER AND SCREW YOUR WHOLE LIFE UP FOREVER’.

I’ve had two articles written about me in the last 2 weeks. I just threw the largest 420 event in the U.S. I keep fighting in the face of opposition and I’ve never been a politician and I sure as hell don’t talk like one. I’ll do this until I die and I’ll never fail. Marijuana is my life. It’s a very good life.

It’s a plant. An extraordinary plant to be sure but without the demonetization it would be an every day item that would be considered vital to any society

Humans produce a duplicate of the THC molecule. It’s responsible for the evolution of most, if not all, species on this planet. You can’t digest food, reproduce, or even take a dump without THC in your system. (Dr. Robert Melamede, Chair of the Moleclear Biology Dept., UCCS)

You have to remind people that their condemnation of marijuana is contrary to life itself. All humans produce THC and will suffer without it.  If people have a problem with marijuana, call them a hypocrite. They have THC in their system. You might have more than them so explain that you wish to evolve faster and this is proven to be the best way.

Marijuana is life and evolution. Why would there be any restrictions on its use?

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