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Homicide of Denver Medical Marijuana Activist Remains Unsolved

Denver, Colorado (press release) February 16, 2008 – Almost a year has passed since the night in February when someone shot and killed Medical Marijuana activist Ken Gorman in his west Denver home. Family and friends continue to await word from the Denver Police Department that they are making progress in identifying his murderer. The case remains unsolved.

Gorman was something of a paradox in his community. Described as an “outspoken advocate for legalizing marijuana,” he attracted a great deal of attention from people on both sides of the issue. His activities made him something of a local celebrity.In fact, only days before he was murdered, a local television station CBS4 Denver aired a piece on Gorman and his medical marijauna operations. Many people who support the legalization of marijuana identify Gorman as a caring and compassionate individual who supported their cause. At the time of his death, Gorman served as the primary caregiver for several patients whose physicians recommend the use of medical marijuana to alleviate certain debilitating medical conditions. In that role, he grew marijuana plants in his home.

Gorman had been robbed several times in the months before he died. Apparently, he feared more trouble because he purchased a gun to protect himself. It was not enough to keep him safe. On the night of February 17, 2007, he was found murdered in his home.

At the time, police did not say if the killing was related to drugs or money, although Denver police spokeswoman Virginia Qui Nones reported that the killer did not take any of Gorman’s marijuana plants. To date, police have not made an arrest and they have no suspects in the case. In 2000, Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment that allows patients suffering from certain diseases to treat their illness with marijuana if their physician recommends it.Some Colorado law enforcement officials, however, are skeptical about the use of medical marijuana.State Attorney General John Suthers has expressed concern that people will take advantage of the medical marijuana law to acquire or distribute the drug although they do not actually need it to treat an illness.

Gorman’s story and the state’s medical marijuana program have attracted widespread attention including a recent article in March 2008 Playboy magazine.

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